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Frida, c'est moi

Coproduction Tobo Media et Du Coup Studio Production

Animation Du Coup Animation

Adaptation of the book Frida, c'est moi by Sophie Faucher et Cara Carmina publlished by Édito

Regarder tous les épisodes / Watch all episodes : ICI - HERE

68 voces

68 voces (68 voices) is a Mexican project aiming to preserve the languages and culture of Mexico[s indigenous people.

Through a series of animations they re tale their original tales in their original languages.  

They invited me to illustrate one of their tales by the Chuj people who live in the south of Mexico inspired by the drawings of the children of this community.

Click HERE to see the complete animation and go to to see all their tales.

This project was possible thanks to the support of MAST by Salt Lake Film Society.

Production: Hola Combo

Animation: Enrique Sañudo

Sound production: Mono Estudio

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