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Frida, c'est moi

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Text : Sophie Faucher

Published by: Editions Édito / Gallimard (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Hard Cover / 20 X 25 cm (8 X 10’’)

Ages 3-6 years old

Languages: French, Italian and Korean

Date of publication: November 2016

Number of pages: 32

ISBN: 978-2-924720-03-5

If Frida Kahlo's works are well known to the general public, whose beautiful self-portraits reveal her dark beauty and flowery hair, her life may be less so. Yet her out-of-the-ordinary destiny was marked by intense physical suffering that she transcended through the love of her art. In this book intended for a young audience, Sophie Faucher lends her voice to Frida the child who recounts through the joys and sorrows of her daily life. The deep texts, imbued with a disarming naivety and great tenderness are magnified by the richly coloured illustrations of Cara Carmina. Here is a story that encourages reflection on self-acceptance, respect for difference, while creating an unexpected emotion and a great desire to know more about this exceptional woman and artist.

Available online HERE


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