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My real name is Norma Andreu, but most people call me Cara, (feel free to call me like that too!). I am a Mexican illustrator, author and textile artist living in Montreal, QC since 2009. I have a background of graphic design (Mexico City, Fine Arts Institute), drawing (Florence, Istituto Spinelli) and fashion and children illustration (NYC, Parsons).


My work has found singular recognition in the Montreal art scene. I am an Illustrator, a designer and also an entrepreneur.  I wear multiple hats to keep my career as an autonomous artist afloat and, above all, nurture my passion for art.

I have 19 children books published (and 2 more coming this Fall). Six of these books have my own text too! I draw with my sewing machine and make dolls, and not too long ago decided to go out to the streets to paste my work! (which I did in Rome and Montreal). I am a children illustrator who wanted to be a street artist and who likes to make dolls and draw lovely colorful things!

With my work I want to portray the beauty of the simple things, transforming a piece of paper or thread into something beautiful is one of my favorite things.  My art is expressive, colorful and whimsical.  Just like my Mexican roots, in which I find so much inspiration. 

Cara Carmina is a very good way to call me indeed, as this name represents what I love most in the world and myself! Thanks for visiting and welcome to my world!

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