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In June 2023 I was invited by the School Saint Ambroise in Montreal to continue painting the mural I started last year in one of their corridors.  The idea will be to finish the whole corridor in the next two years.

This time I painted right outside the school ASD (Autism spectrum disorder) classrooms as they needed some color and joy where they spend so much time every day. I call these kids: EXTRAORDINARY CHILDREN and  I love working with them!  They love painting and helping me! And through art we communicate in a very special way. :)

Thank you so much to all of you who helped me with this part of the mural! You all are amazing!


Mural at L'École St Ambroise
Part 2

I was invited by one of wonderful teachers at the Westmount Park Elementary School in Montreal to come and paint a mural in their corridor with three groups of kids from 2nd grade, and two groups from 5th grade in May 2023.

The entire mural took two weeks to be done, and we had a lot of fun working together! 

Thank you so much Nicole for inviting me to come to your school and a big THANK YOU to all the kids who helped me to paint! You were all amazing!

If you are interested in me coming to do a similar project in your school, write me a message or an e-mail to:

Mural Westmount Park Elementary School
Mural Bibliothèque


In April 2023 I spent five days at la Bibliothèque Marc-Favreau in Montrèal creating a mural with the kids to celebrate the arrival of Spring!

I traced the mural first, and during the weekend all the kids were invited to come by and help me! From ages 4–10 years old, everyone was welcomed to paint a part of the mural! It was so much fun! We had 120+ little artists who participated on this collaborative project, and the final painting is now in the library at their children book's section! So everyone can see what we did together.

Thank you so much to all the little artists who came paint with me! And thank you to the library for inviting me to do this amazing mural.

Mural at L'École St Ambroise
Part 1

I was invited once again by the lovely elementary school Saint Ambroise to paint a mural for them!  (Merci!) 

This one is my biggest mural until now.  I painted a 70 feet mural on both sides of the walls of one of the corridors.

This piece took me 6 weeks of work during the months of May and June 2022.

The kids from two classes of 3rd grade came to help me and we had a great time together, and together we changed the corridor into a more colorful and joyful place!

If you are interested in me coming to do a similar project in your school, write me a message or an e-mail to: