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Moi, c'est Frida Kahlo

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Text : Sophie Faucher

Published by: Editions Édito / Gallimard (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Hard Cover / 20 X 25 cm (8 X 10’’)

Number of pages: 40

Ages 4-10 years old

Language: French

Date of publication: November 2017

ISBN: 978-2-924720-38-7

After the success of "Frida, c'est moi", we find here our little heroine who, through her eyes and her words, tells us other important episodes of her life: her meeting with Diego Rivera, their love, their marriage, their travels from Cuernavaca to Paris through New York and San Francisco, her attachment to the roots of her homeland, her divorce and grief, and of course the importance of painting in her life ... All the events that have woven the destiny of this cult artist, and have largely inspired the work.

Available online HERE


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