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Lulu (la lapine qui habitait deux maisons)

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Text & Illustrations: Cara Carmina

Published by: Éditions Les Malins / (Montreal, QC, Canada)

ISBN: 978-2-89810-552-4

Hard cover 24 X 28.5 cm (9.5 X 11.5’’)

Ages 4-7

Language: French

Date of publication: October 13th, 2022.

Available online HERE

Lulu the rabbit loves birds, and her favorite birds are swallows. What she loves above all is being able to observe them on her balcony. And that's good, since Lulu now has two balconies: one at her mom's, and the other at her dad's. But she does not like living in two houses; she always forgets something when she goes from one to the other. It's even starting to cause her problems at school... What if, by watching the swallows, she learned to appreciate her new situation?


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