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Les aventures de Sarah et du Petit Prince Magique à Versailles

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Text : Olivier Soussy

Published by: Editions des Songes / (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Ages 4-7 years old

Soft Cover - 34 pages

Size: 21,6 X 27,9 cm (8 X 10’’)

Language: French and English

Date of publication: February 2020

ISBN: 978-2-924858-09-7

After her nocturnal journey in a sumptuous carriage pulled by a winged unicorn, Sarah and her companions, the Little Magic Prince and her faithful cat Lola, arrive at the Palace of Versailles. There, the Sun King and his court await them to kick off the festivities around a majestic ball and fireworks over the large pool. Back in her room in the early morning, she wonders if she has dreamed or if she has experienced these crazy adventures.

You can personalize the book for the child you're creating it for by changing the name of the main character.

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