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Frida en Gaspésie

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Frida en Gaspésie Text : Sophie Faucher Illustrations: Cara Carmina Published by: Editions Édito / Gallimard (Montreal, QC, Canada) Hard Cover - 21 x 35 cm (9.5 X 12’’) Ages 4-8 years old Languages: French

Date of publication: April 5th, 2023. Number of pages: 36 ISBN: 978-2-89826-110-7

Frida will finally meet her pen pal Claudine from Quebec. As soon as she arrives, she offers her a trip to la Gaspésie.

For Frida it is another world, everything is spectacular. From the larger-than-life landscapes, Claudine's friends and their tasty expressions, the aurora borealis, to the sound of a whale song. This trip will be an adventure that both friends will never forget.

Inspired by a real trip of the author, Sophie Faucher and Cara Carmina in Gaspésie.


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